Who is a Mediator?

We aim to help you avoid unnecessary legal costs and streamline the process to resolution. A mediator is someone who collaborates with both parties to reach a consensus.

If the two parties in business are unable to work things out amicably, we'll call in a mediator, peacemaker, conciliationist, or negotiator. Our mediators are skilled, friendly, and respectful professionals. They are sincere in their concern for the welfare of all parties involved, pay close attention to what is being said, and recognize the needs and feelings that each interaction is based on.

We understand that different businesses will raise various types of disputes that may lead to the involvement of legal practitioners. That's why we have different types of mediators in line with the nature of the business and contract signed by both parties. Some of the mediators include:

  • In house mediator

    1. We're well-equipped with experienced manpower to handle disputes at any level. These in-house mediators comprise professional brokers and lawyers.

  • Outdoor mediator

    Our outdoor mediator involves the use of court and other external but legal individuals/personnel in our dispute resolution.


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