What is a Dispute ?

A dispute occurs when the buyer rejects or seeks to return goods to the seller, and the seller refuses the return or rejection. However, if the seller accepts the returned goods and the buyer returns the items, then a dispute may arise. Here are ways we settle disputes:

  • Mediation

    The intervention of a third party from Tradegurantee.com into a dispute as a mediator to assist in resolving the issues causing conflict.

  • Arbitration

    Arbitration takes place in front of a neutral decision-maker called an 'arbitrator' or, in some cases, a group or 'panel' of arbitrators who will listen to each side and make a decision about the case. This is primarily utilized in complex transactions.


Dispute Timeline

We prefer to close transactions quickly, so we have established a set of definite steps outlined below on how we resolve disputes

Rejection by buyer
Seller Disagree

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions our customers have been asking about our dispute and the resolution process

Until both sides come to a mutually agreeable arrangement, Tradegurantee.com will not release any fees to either party. In the event that the parties are unable to reach an agreement, Tradegurantee.com will only release any fees that are in our custody after the dispute has been settled or at the instruction of a court (court order).

It is the buyer's obligation to pay for the return of the product to the vendor if they are dissatisfied with it. Please be aware that if the goods meet the requirements listed in the sale and purchase agreement, the rejection will not be accepted. After the product is returned in its original condition, the customer receives a reimbursement, less the Tradegurantee.com cost.

The seller must provide Tradegurantee.com and the buyer with the tracking information for the package and the delivery company's contact information when shipping the products to the buyer. This way, everyone involved will always be aware of the parcel's precise location.

Proof of delivery for the items will be required from the seller. If unable to provide the necessary documentation, the transaction will be canceled, and the buyer will receive a refund minus the Tradegurantee.com charge.

The buyer, seller, or broker must stipulate at the beginning of the transaction that an inspection period will be included. The timeframe during which the buyer can inspect the goods after delivery is known as the inspection period. Parties to the transaction may choose an inspection period of one to two calendar days.

Tradegurantee.com will pay the seller if the inspection period has passed and it has been verified that the buyer has received the product.

Throughout their inspection period, the buyer may choose to 'accept' or'reject''the goods. Tradegurantee.com will, however, disburse payments to the seller at the conclusion of the inspection period if the buyer fails to 'accept' or'reject''the product, provided that Tradegurantee.com can confirm that the buyer has received their merchandise.

Please be aware that if the inspection period is initiated and terminated without the buyer's involvement, Tradegurantee.com does reserve the right to issue a 24-hour notification.

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